Today we are shooting cars! Creating a video for the BWM Sydney Drive Day at Sydney Motorsport Park. We have five days from shoot day to deliver the final edit.

First up we take the client references and twist and mould them in order to create new concepts that are stimulating and modern. It is a chance for us to continually stretch our creative muscle and challenge ourselves to find new ways to capture ideas. More than simple event coverage, we wanted to create a video that showcases the power and beauty of BMW. The cars and the brand are prestigious, and our approach for the video was to represent the elegance and excitement of racing a luxury car.

Despite all best intentions, despite preproduction and meticulous planning, sometimes the shoot day throws out curveballs: like the cars not being ready to race. Once boots are on the ground at Eastern Creek we have four hours of roll time. Four hours between two major events that are on opposite ends of the motorway. Additionally, there were safety restrictions on drone usage, this meant that some planned footage could not be taken. However, with a light run n’ gun set up, we were able to navigate that day and capture all the movement and moments that our clip required.

Our multi-camera kit enables us to capture the day at all levels. A GoPro 7 was mounted to the side of a racing car to capture the excitement of being on the track. It was also important to us to show the scale of the event, and we did so using our drone and our GH5 to get all the space and atmosphere from Sydney Motorsport Park.

The tone of the video is constructed and finessed in the editing and colour grading process. It is our chance to build immersive and compelling visual stories using a custom, house made soundtrack. Our sound designer Luke Bretthaur creates music simultaneously to the video editing process. The harmonious production ensures that our end product is unique. All elements are built together to ensure that the content can best convey the desired tone.

It was our goal to create a video that was grand and elegant and represented the beauty of BMW cars. We wanted to use as much atmosphere as we could capture with our drone and wide angle roaming camera, as well as capturing the movement with our mounted GoPro. The edit was designed alongside the audio to create unique and energetic movement throughout the clip. The end product below:

Equipment List:

Canon 1DX

Panasonic GH5

GoPro Hero 7

Mavic Pro